Unexpected Beauty…

I bought a globe artichoke to eat.  I forgot about it and it dried out.

So I thought I would add it to my collection of dried out, but beautiful natural things, always good to photograph or add to a still life picture.

I left it lying around.  A few days later, look what I found….

How did that happen?  It was completely withered.  I was very surprised.  So I thought I’d better put it in some water, but I’m not sure that was the correct thing to do.

Of course I have seen these plants, in fact I took pictures of some in Oxford.  Still I hadn’t associated them with globe artichokes.  How is it that they flower when they’re withered? What would happen if you put the fresh vegetable in water just after buying it?  I may experiment.  I’m very impressed.  Maybe I’ll buy many of them and do the same thing to them all, they would look lovely on a windowsill.  I can’t believe I’d never made that connection…  so much to learn!


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