Another Beauty…

This was my first attempt at baby photography.  My new little neighbour, Elliott, was happy to oblige for a while, but really…  lying around starkers in suitcases and other silly places, just to satisfy the whims of grown ups can be trying!

I’m discovering that this kind of photography can be more difficult than it looks.  The window of opportunity is small, especially when they are so young.  This little man was only about 10 days old, and pictures have to be snatched between feeds which are frequent. Photos without nappies can be tricky too, only possible for a short time, and baby wipes at hand are essential.  As Elliott lives close to me, timing wasn’t too much of a problem, but it must be if you’ve booked your two hour session with a photographer on a certain day and time.

I’m looking forward to taking more pictures of him as he grows.  It will be interesting to see if I find it more or less difficult.  I took these photos in natural light, I’m not convinced that flash is good or safe for tiny babies.  So I used a fast lens, 50mm 1.4, which would have enabled me to shoot in low light if necessary.  The suitcase just seemed the right size, I was hunting around for props to use, and just happened to have this.


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