Blog Birthday…

I’ve been blogging for 2 years today.  This was the first picture I posted…

When I look back at my blog, mostly on I can see that a lot happens in a year.  Since then I’ve continued to pursue photography courses.  I’m currently studying for a BTEC in Photography, 3 full days a week, and the rest of the time spent doing homework and desperately trying to catch up and run my home and family!

This weekend I was helping my daughter prepare a ‘Vanitas’ (Dutch 17th century) still life image for her GCSE Art course.  Of course originally they were painted in oils with a little natural light.  We used a dark room and a little flash for ours.  This one was done relatively quickly, but I would love to spend some more time on the Vanitas images.

The whole point of this style of art was to prepare people for the fleeting time spent on earth.  Vanitas is a Latin word which translates as ’emptiness’, and refers to the meaningless of earthly life and the transient nature of vanity.  Common symbols included skulls, to remind you of your certain death; rotten fruit, to symbolize decay; bubbles, to symbolize the brevity of life, smoke, to add to the atmosphere; watches and  hourglasses, time passing and musical instruments, indicating the ephemeral nature of life.  Flowers and butterflies can be interpreted in the same way.  A peeled lemon and seafood, was, like life, attractive to look at, but bitter to taste.  All a bit gloomy…

The Ashmolean in Oxford, has a room full of these paintings, fantastic to view, and, I think, good to recreate, but without the hell, damnation and misery perhaps.


4 thoughts on “Blog Birthday…

  1. That’s incredible! I had to look at the image to see whether or not it was actually a photograph. The still life is beautifully composed and the colours are so deep and rich.I wonder how successful it would be with modern materials.

    1. Hi Sheila, glad you liked it, thank you. I’m going to try doing a still life with modern materials, so we’ll see how well it works. Hope you’re all well and lots of love. Mx

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