Studio Still Life…

Oh my goodness, over a month since my last post!  Life has been very hectic, photography projects mainly and children studying for GCSE mocks.  My photography course takes up just about all of my spare time.  I have been doing studio still life work recently,

Seemingly endless workbooks to complete to go with the photographs.

I have also been working with a Medium Format Camera (MFC) at college, which is an old film camera, one that produces a much higher quality image than a standard film camera, which in turn produces a much better image than a digital camera.  This was an interesting experience.  I had forgotten how difficult it was to use a film camera, just not being able to get instant gratification by viewing the image immediately is strange.  It’s a large, cumbersome camera, no automatic metering or focusing, everything must be set manually.

The camera is held at waist level and you  look down into the eyepiece rather than straight ahead at the subject.  It makes a very satisfying ‘clunk’ when you press the shutter.  It’s also tricky to put the film in and take it out again.  Knowing that I had only 12 frames to shoot and that I couldn’t examine any of them made me very careful with my composition – no bad thing!  No opportunity to be ‘trigger happy’ here!  I used a black and white film to take studio portraits also, which I found very difficult with all the technical lighting, but I’m looking forward to seeing the results.  I haven’t processed the film yet, and it takes quite a long time to have this kind of film returned.  I can’t wait to see how they turn out, just hoping they’re not a complete disaster…  Who’d have thought that film photography was still alive and kicking!


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