Southwark Cathedral…

My photography course is still in full swing but it’s very demanding and I’m finding less time to post here. So I thought I’d show some of the photos I’ve taken for one of my projects. This is a project on ‘location’ photography, that is to say an environment where it’s difficult to control lighting as you would in a photographic studio for example.  I chose Southwark Cathedral for my work.

The picture above was taken through a puddle outside the Cathedral, I took quite a few reflections.  I love Southwark Cathedral, despite the fact that it doesn’t seem immediately very elegant – squashed beside the River Thames, Borough Market, the railway and London Bridge on the south side of the river.  In fact it was almost demolished to make way for the railway, and the compromise reached meant that the view of the Cathedral was significantly restricted.

I did have to get permission to shoot here and obtain a permit, but thereafter I was given free reign, providing I didn’t disturb people praying or the services.  I decided not to use flash from the outset, so I took long exposures on a tripod instead.

Each time I visited I was lucky enough to be there during music concerts.  The first was a wonderful Christmas Carols concert during the day, complete with organ and brass band. I wandered round the back of the altar, where I was all alone apart from the company of one of the two cats who live in the Cathedral.  This ginger one was taking a lovely nap on the kneelers, completely unbothered by the loud music!  On a previous occasion I found the other cat sleeping on a throne covered in velvet in the darkest recesses.

What an amazing place for a cat to live.  Parishioners bring them food, and they can always stroll outside for the delightful tidbits from Borough Market.

I was also there during the rehearsals for Handel’s Messiah, so had wonderful accompaniment all day long.

The Vergers and Guides were very welcoming and friendly, only too happy to give me information and history lessons.

The light in the Cathedral changes dramatically throughout the day, so it’s possible to get a wide variety of pictures.

The photo above is another reflection taken through the grand piano.  The Cathedral is the Founders church for the school my two boys attend, so St Olave has his very own pew!

Many influential and famous people have been associated with the Cathedral, Mr Shakespeare can be seen here reclining in alabaster.

One day the Shard will be completed, but at the moment it’s still in progress and situated next to the Cathedral.


3 thoughts on “Southwark Cathedral…

  1. Thanks Lizzie, I spent enough time there, felt like I’d moved in! As you can see, not getting much time to post here at moment… photography course taking up all my time. Mx

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