BTEC Photography…

I have just finished my BTEC National Diploma in Photography, Level 3, at Kensington and Chelsea College(KCC) in London.  I feel quite sad that it’s finished, but relieved that the workload, which was high, has stopped.  Towards the end we were all a bit crazy I think, thinking of nothing other than the next ‘workbook’ which needed to be submitted.  We started as a group of 24, but ended with 18 of us completing the course.  So now I’m considering my options about what to do next…

This is a picture of my teddy bear which I got when I was one year old, and my Irish dolly which came later.  In this project I shot a series of apparently normal toys and tried to make them look ‘sinister’.  This is not digital, it’s on film and I developed it in the darkroom using a ‘lith’ developer, which gave it this characteristic deep sepia colour.  It’s an ‘infectious’ developer which means it can turn your print black if you don’t watch it carefully and whip it out at the appropriate moment!  For the end of year exhibition I mounted a series of 8 lith prints onto MDF.  The images are not repeatable, every one is different.

I also made a series of ‘multiple images’ of my twins in black and white for the exhibition, this time digitally.  I had all these pictures printed professionally and mounted on foamboard.

The exhibition was wonderful and a lot of people came to the private view.  It was so amazing to see what we’d all managed to produce in the end.

It’s been a wonderful year at KCC with great tutors.  For anyone interested in photography I would recommend it.  However, it’s a two year course condensed into one, so definitely not a ‘walk in the park’, and attendance is required for 3 full days per week, together with the completion of 12 ‘workbooks’, in my case each one was a large lever arch file.  I have learnt a lot though!


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