So I thought about this project a little more.  I wondered if a ‘furtive’ approach might be more appropriate.

I’m trying to create a slightly guilty look here, leaving the scene of the crime…

Blogged 14/4/13

…but this is still too ‘pretty’.  I should have at least included a half eaten chocolate.  At university, as I’m sure I’ve said before, they’re not really interested in seeing pretty pictures, they want to see ‘conceptual’ work.

This looks a little more furtive, but I was still making it look pretty by concentrating on the reflections… I can’t seem to stop myself!

I think this is getting closer to what I want to achieve.  I’ve still used the shadows, but in a less pretty and more furtive way.  I think I have a lot to learn from Laura Letinsky, a photographer from Chicago whose work I love.  In fact this next image pays homage to her work.

Quite a learning curve I think, but I’ve also got another idea I’m working on… still enough for today!


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