Catching Up

A break… back with renewed energy and a new look to the blog. University and family seem to have been all consuming over the last six months.

I’m now half way through my second year (out of four years) at university,  with deadlines for essays and photo projects     looming already. A few general photos here, many taken with my iPhone.  I’m hoping to use my iPhone camera more this year, to create an ongoing journal for photo and project ideas, so they may seem a little random, and not the best quality, but they may be the grain of something new.  It’s an invaluable   device to carry around for unexpected photo opportunities. Also a good deal of editing can now take place before the images leave the iPhone.  Together with a notebook in my bag, I’m hoping to be inspired.  This tangle of telephone wires was part of an exhibition at university last year.

A rare photo of my teenagers…

My teens... from left: Tom, Rosa, Oscar, Kate.  Blogged 26/01/14.

Experimenting with multiple images from Brompton Cemetery,  in Photoshop



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