Film Stills

I did two photo projects last semester, and the first one was digital. The idea was to imitate Film Stills from the cinema, taking photos depicting a narrative, or significant moments in a film.  I’m including some of the outtakes here also, photos of my son Oscar, messing around mostly!

UofW - 'Film Stills' project.  Blogged 26/01/14.

I used a Nikon SB900 Speedlight for this project.

My final project was entitled ‘Parallel Lives’ essentially the story of twins (guess whose!) separated at birth – they didn’t know the other existed.  Then one found out about the existence of the other, traced her and arranged to meet.  The outcome was that they discovered they had music in common.

A simple story I know, but the point was the lighting really.  That wasn’t so simple.  Again, using one Nikon SB Speedlight, my main problem was preventing camera shake and blurred images.  I was using a tripod, but often in awkward corners on a carpet, not so stable.  They were also long exposures as it was subdued light, and as I only had one speed light to freeze the action, any slight movement they made or I made resulted in blur.  Not too bad in the end though.


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