I did a couple of photography courses at PhotoFusion in Brixton a few months ago, so I found myself hanging out in Brixton Village, part of the market, for breakfasts/lunches.  This isn’t far from home for me, and I also go through Brixton whenever I’m travelling on the train to London Victoria, my normal route into town.  A wonderful place to buy cheap, fresh, delicious food, mainly Caribbean/African. Needless to say, lots of wonderful loud reggae too.  Quite a lot of middle class white people around Brixton these days also, it’s changed a lot from when I lived there in the early 1980’s when the riots were in full swing. I took a lot of colourful photos of the market in 2004, with my point-and-shoot camera, the place was vibrant back then too.

Brixton is also very lively in the evening, and has the wonderful independent Ritzy Picturehouse cinema. This links by membership to other Picturehouses in London: Clapham, Notting Hill Gate, Greenwich, Hackney and Stratford East.  Of course here in Crystal Palace there is a campaign to re-open our old Rialto cinema, which the Picturehouse group made a bid for, but lost out to a religious foundation in 2009.

For a long time I’ve intended to take a good photo of the Railway Tavern pub clock tower, which is best seen from the high level platform on Brixton train station.  The pub, below the clock at ground level, was more infamously known as Brady’s in the 1980’s.  It’s been covered in this graffiti for years and together with the male bronze passenger statue on the station (out of sight here), would have made a good photograph.  Sadly, I’ve missed my chance, the structure is now covered in scaffolding waiting to be cleaned and repainted.  At least I got this iPhone picture.  There must be a moral here.


Here you can just about see the male bronze passenger statue on the left, and if you look carefully, there’s a female bronze statue on the right – the other one on the right is a real human sitting and waiting for a train…


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