Deleting Posts

I decided to do some ‘tidying up’ on my blog.  I thought it would be a great idea to remove all the old photos stored on the blog’s media library, to make way for new ones.

Of course I tested this theory first, with a couple of photos, everything seemed fine some hours later.  So I decided to remove 200 photos, a job well done I thought.

A couple of weeks later I realised that this had been a major disaster and that I’d deleted ALL THE PHOTOS ON MY BLOG…!!

Obviously it had taken more than a few hours to delete my test photos. The moral – leave well alone.  My son said that it should be a lesson to me to stop meddling and endlessly wanting to clear and tidy things.

So now I’ve embarked on the enormous task of replacing the 200 photos, which at least I’d kept and backed up.  So far I’ve worked my way back to the end of 2011, but I have a few more months of images to replace yet.  So bear with… if you see ‘question marks’ you will know what’s happened.

Meanwhile looking forward to Spring and this is just a photo of me playing with photo apps on my iPhone, I think it was ‘Fotor’, but may have been a combination of edits.


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