I’m Martina Tierney, I live in Crystal Palace, London UK.  I’m studying for a degree in Photography at the University of Westminster.

I wrote a blog for 2 years prior to this one at: www.sparkyfizz.typepad.com


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hav’n’t seen your blog for while. Photos look great…. Want to see more…. I especially love your Dads photos. His personality shone through. Sheila x

  2. Great blog and photos. I am currently doing my City and Guilds Level 1 photography course in Croydon and would love to hear your advise/tips on this course.

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for reading and liking my blog/photos. You’ve reminded me that it’s time I added some things to it – I’ve been busy with my degree and trying to set up my own website, but that’s hard work! It’s a long time since I did the C&G level 1, so I imagine a lot has changed since then. Mine was a one morning a week session, but I’ve since realised that it wasn’t connected to Croydon College, it was run by an organisation called CALAT at South Norwood. That has since closed down, and I think they now operate from the Clock Tower in Croydon. I’m afraid I don’t have any up to date information about them, but Nicky Partridge ran the department. For me it was a basic introduction to digital photography and experience at presenting a portfolio for assessment at the end and entering a C&G national competition. However, I would highly recommend the BTEC Photography course I did at Kensington and Chelsea College. Mine was 3 days a week at level 3, but they also run levels 1 and 2, which run for shorter periods. Great tutors, intensive courses, and brand new darkroom, although the one I used was good too. I would suggest a course on this level would be essential for going to university to study photography, if that’s what you’re thinking for the future. Most photography degrees also include analogue photography. Costs have changed quite a lot since I enrolled for BTEC though. Good luck with whatever you do.

  3. Hi Martina, Yes I am doing the course via Calat @ the clock tower in Croydon and Nicky Partridge is still here but she concentrates on ‘A’ level photography more than the C&G. Yes the course is very basic which I like because although I had my dslr for some time, my photos were hit and miss and I needed to get back to basics and understand settings etc. I am loving it! I did have a look at the Kensington & Chelsea BTEC before I applied for the C&Gs. Am definitely looking to pursue further training after this course finishes so that gives me something to think about!

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